Be Safe Around Flood Protection Infrastructure

Stay off: public urged to keep off flood protection infrastructure


Local authorities would like to remind residents to exercise caution around all flooded areas. As spring melt waters create localized flooding, municipalities and the RDOS will be deploying flood mitigation armouring. These include Tiger Dams, Gabions (rock filled wire baskets), and sandbags. Do not walk or stand on any armouring as contents may have shifted due to water flows. We remind residents to exercise caution at all times around flooded areas.


As spring freshet begins, residents should be aware that the flood threat will not be over for some time. All sandbags and installed armouring should remain in place as unexpected fluctuations in water volumes can be expected throughout the next month or so of snowmelt.


Sand is not the natural foreshore on lakes and waterways, and proper disposal is required. 
For those with sandbags in place on private property, when the threat of flooding is past, please follow the direction of your local government or regional district before disposing of sandbags or other materials.


If you require sand or sandbags, please call the Emergency Operations Centre: 250-490–4225


The Emergency Operations Centre continues to remain open as required. To report flooding or wildfire emergencies, please contact the EOC at 250-490-4225. For the latest information, go to:, and on Facebook:

Monday, April 30, 2018 - 8:45am