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Bid Opportunity - Consulting Services - Visual Appeal of Downtown Keremeos


The Village of Keremeos is seeking quotations for consulting services related to four implementation projects from our 2016 Plan to Improve the Visual Appeal of Downtown Keremeos.  A brief description of the projects and desired timing is shown below.  For further context, please review the attached planning document.


Plan to Improve the Visual Appeal of Downtown Keremeos


Proponents may submit quotations on any one or all of the implementation projects.  If quoting on more than one project, please show individual costs for each.


Kindly submit quotations, along with any comments or suggested value-propositions, no later than 4 pm, Friday, March 24, 2017, and do not hesitate to contact the Chief Administrative Officer at 250-499-2711 or if you have further questions.


No. Initiative and Key Steps: Timing: Anticipated Deliverable:

Keremeos Downtown Visual      Improvement Comprehensive Concept Plan

May-July, 2017 Written Comprehensive Concept Plan
1a Building out the completed Downtown Visual Improvement Plan into a Comprehensive Concept Plan, from which the Village can plan future implementation phases May-July, 2017  

Updated Design Theme and Design Guideline Package

June-Oct, 2017 Updated Downtown Design Guidelines
2a Public Engagement (stakeholders, business, residents) June, 2017  
2b Ideas Generation July, 2017  
2c Selection of (architectural) theme based on input, ideas generation and analysis for best application to downtown Keremeos buildings July, 2017  
2d Design Guidelines, including training in how to use the guidelines. (These will be developed for potential incorporation into the OCP as DPA Guidelines for the downtown commercial area) July-Oct, 2017  

Location and Design of Gateway and Other Significant Signs

Sept, 2017-May, 2018 Gateway signs design concept, implementation of main gateway signs
3a Conceptualization of main gateways Sept, 2017  
3b Conceptualization of secondary gateways Sept, 2017  
3c Investigation of locations Oct, 2017  
3d Pre-design and design (including consideration of ground material, landscaping, irrigation, lighting, signs, placement, messaging) Oct-Nov, 2017  
3e Public engagement (stakeholders, businesses, residents) Nov-Dec, 2017  
3f Planning & placement of signs Jan-May, 2018  

Downtown "Pocket Park" Project

Sept, 2017-May, 2018 Design for downtown pocket park; implementation of initial elements
4a Public engagement (stakeholders, businesses, residents) Sept-Dec, 2017  
4b Planning and conceptual design Jan-March, 2018  
4c Legal survey and site investigation (underground services, access, etc.) Jan-March, 2018  
4d Design for pocket park April, 2018  
4e Implementation of approved design May, 2018 +