Flood Protection Sandbagging Techniques and Pickup Locations

Local creeks are at high flow, and the Regional District has fielded questions about how to obtain sand bags and the sand bagging process.  Call the RDOS for a location closest to you: 250-492-0237 or 1-877-610-3737


There are specific ways to fill and place sandbags for maximum protection and stability.  A Sandbag Fact Sheet from Emergency Preparedness BC is attached.  



For comprehensive information about sandbagging techniques, please follow the link below:

Sandbagging Techniques Pamphlet


The Provincial Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery page has good information for preparedness planning and response.





For those that like to see things visually, the following Youtube links are provided




The RDOS would like to remind residents that any sandbags you have placed out, should be left in place for another few weeks. Those that have culverts on their driveways or on their property, should check to insure they are clear of sediment and debris. On local roads or highways, please report the location to the RDOS of any clogged roadway culverts or debris build up on streams and creeks that may cause blockages and subsequent flooding. During times of high stream or river flows, 6” of fast running water can topple an adult. Be cautious around the banks of any watercourse, as they can be undermined and collapse.


BC River Forecast Centre has indicated that the next few days will be warmer and drier, but the weather will deteriorate Thursday afternoon. Rainfall and thundershowers are expected on Thursday.


Updates about the RDOS Emergency Operations Centre - including information about where to pick up sandbags in your area - can be located by visiting http://www.rdos.bc.ca/news-events/eoc/current-eoc/

Check the RDOS website www.rdos.bc.ca  for the most up to date Information Releases and please call or email the RDOS if you require additional information.


Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 10:00am