Wildfire Bulletin - Regional Restrictions to Reduce Potential Wildfires

The Province of BC is under a province wide ‘State of Emergency’ due to wildfires. The current Fire Danger rating for most of the regional district is ‘Extreme’.


Due to the provincial state of emergency and extreme conditions the RDOS Board of Directors have taken the strong stance and issued a ban on all fireworks, motorized vehicles and smoking in all public wooded, grass and brush areas within the unincorporated areas of the geographic boundaries of the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen.  There is also a total ban on open burning and campfires in the Village of Keremeos and Riparian Park has been closed to the public to mitigate fire hazard within Village boundaries.


Many other regions and Provincial agencies have already taken steps to mitigate the chance of wildfires:

  • Campfire and open burning bans are in place throughout the province.
  • Many provincial parks are currently closed due to fire danger.
  • Forest use restrictions are also in place in close proximity to wildfires.


Learn more about what you can do to reduce fire hazard by clicking here.


While conventional human sources of ignition such as cigarettes and campfires are responsible for many fires you may not be aware of other ignition sources. A spark from a lawnmower blade, chainsaw or a horse shoe hitting a rock can all cause a fire under these extreme conditions. Even a carelessly discarded clear glass bottle can act as a magnifying glass and ignite tinder dry grasses. With no precipitation events forecasted for the immediate future, the most likely cause of any new fire will be human activity.





For More Information visit: www.rdos.bc.ca


Friday, August 4, 2017 - 10:30am