Business Recruitment & Resident Attraction Strategy

In an effort to increase the number of permanent residents and businesses in Keremeos, the Village Council supported the development of a Business Recruitment & Resident Attraction Strategy.  Business recruitment and retention is imperative to meet the needs of current and future residents and to ensure the economic vitality of our community.  A copy of the final report can be found by clicking on the link below.

Business Recruitment & Resident Attraction Strategy

The Strategy was initiated in April 2017 after the Village received a grant from the Ministry of Forests Rural Dividend Fund, which provides financial aid for economic development and revitalization initiatives.  The Village and stakeholders contributed to the development of the strategy through public consultations in July and October of 2017, and through ongoing discussions and dialogue within the community.

A number of goals have been identified as essential in executing the Strategy, and they have been ranked in priority sequence as:

  1. Increase the Awareness of Keremeos
  2. Beautify the Village
  3. Make Keremeos more Pedestrian Friendly
  4. Promote Year-Round Tourism
  5. Increase Resident Attraction
  6. Enhance Quality of Life
  7. Enhance the Business Community
  8. Stem Leakage of Consumer Spending

The Village of Keremeos is currently in the process of developing an action plan to achieve these goals and looks forward to implementing elements of the Strategy in conjunction with community stakeholders in due course and whenever suitable funding opportunities can be identified.  We encourage the exchange of innovative, forward thinking ideas and invite all stakeholders to contribute to these initiatives as we collectively work toward a more vibrant community.

If you’re a downtown core property owner who wishes to get involved with these initiatives, please email your contact information to along with a brief description of your idea and how it may contribute to the Strategy.