The Keremeos Public Cemetery is located at 2695 Liddicoat Road approximately 2.5 kilometres north of the Village at the intersection of Highway 3A and Liddicoat Road.  The Cemetery is open to the public every day from dawn until dusk.

The Village of Keremeos cemetery is a rural, not-for-profit cemetery, so offers only basic services and grass maintenance. Individual markers do not receive detailed grooming by Village staff.

The cemetery includes sections containing full-size plots, cremation plots and a columbarium for the placement of cremated remains.  The cemetery also contains a section exclusively reserved for the interment and inurnment of Veterans and their spouses.



A printable brochure (meant to be double-sided and folded into 3 sections) can be reviewed here



Obtaining an Interment Right Contract

Applications for a Right of Interment can be made at the Village Office during regular business hours and must include:

  • Applicant’s name and address
  • The name and address of the person for which the Right of Interment is being acquired
  • If applicable, the date of death and time and date of the funeral for that person

The Village attempts to provide a copy of the Interment Right contract to the applicant within 15 days of the applicant entering into such contract. 

Grave space fees are due upon entering into the Interment Right of Contract for a Right of Interment.  The balance of fees are due and payable at the time of the Interment/Inurnment.


Cancelling an Interment Right Contract

An Interment Right contract may be cancelled within 30 days of purchase and a refund of fees paid less 10% provided if:

  • There were no interments in the lot
  • Interment Right holder or executor completes the paperwork requesting the cancellation
  • The original Right of Interment is surrendered
  • The costs for removal of any memorials are paid


Transferring an Interment Right Contract

Applications to transfer a Right of Interment to another person can be made at the Village Office during regular business hours and must include:

  • Payment of all outstanding cemetery fees owing and the difference between fees originally paid and those payable at time of transfer
  • Provision of a statement setting forth full particulars as to the name and address of the person whom the transfer is to be made
  • The original Right of Interment contract is surrendered.


Interment into the Cemetery

Anyone wishing to obtain interment and other cemetery services shall:

  • Provide a burial permit or death certificate to the Village of Keremeos municipal office
  • Make application at the Village Office during regular business hours including
    • A statement of the name, age, date of death, cause of death, proposed date and time of interment and any other required information
  • Payment of all Interment fees

For further information, please contact the Village Office at 250-499-2711 or info@keremeos.ca

Terms and current rates are contained in Keremeos' Cemetery Bylaw.