Realtor Property Inquiries

During the process of preparing a property for sale, realtors often request information from the Village Office for due diligence and to compile a marketing strategy to ultimately sell the property.

While some information such as Legal Survey Plans and Legal Description Information are publicly available, some items related to building permits and property notations are considered confidential and may only be released when authorized by the property owner.

Realtors may obtain confidential property information by submitting a completed Access to Property Information Form which includes the signatures of all registered owners of the property.  There is no cost for processing the Access to Property Information Form.

Submitting an Access to Property Information Form

You can begin the process by either visiting the Village Office to obtain a form or by downloading either of the forms below.  You will need to install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free) to use these files.

Once completed and signed by all registered owners, the form can be submitted to the Village Office along with the request for property information.

Access to Property Information Form – General

Authorizes a Listing Agent and all members of any Real Estate Board to obtain confidential property information

Access to Property Information Form – Specific

Authorizes a specific individual to obtain confidential property information

These forms are fillable .pdf and can be saved once completed.  You can submit your completed form by emailing it to, by faxing a copy to (250) 499-5477 or by mailing or dropping a copy off at the Village Office.