Septic Tank and Disposal Systems Survey, September, 2022

The Village of Keremeos conducted a September, 2022 survey of the performance of septic tank and field disposal systems in the areas of the village not yet served by community sewers. The purpose of the survey was to understand the extent of problems being experienced by some septic users, and the costs borne by community members for repairs and maintenance of their septic systems. From survey information, the Village will develop and share resources to help support septic system users in maintaining their systems.

Results from the questionnaire have been summarized for an internal report to satisfy condition 2.14 of the Village’s new operational certificate for wastewater treatment.     

Did you miss the survey and would like to take it? Here is a link to survey 

Completed surveys can be dropped off in the 24/7 letter-box or mailed to the Keremeos municipal office at 702-4th Street, Keremeos.


Users of septic systems may also be interested in the following link for helpful information regarding planning and maintaining a home septic system.

If you have questions regarding your septic system, please contact the Village of Keremeos Municipal Office at 250-499-2711 or email: