Bylaw Complaint Form

Our Bylaw Enforcement Officer contractor is given the task of investigating complaints received from the public about alleged violations of the Village's bylaws.  These violations usually pertain to unsightly property conditions, animal control and snow/ice removal.  The goal of the Village is not to penalize our residents but rather to achieve compliance through the provision of information.  With the exception of a safety matter that may require proactive enforcement, the majority of our bylaws are enforced on a complaint only basis.  Each complaint is different and the proceedings are decided on a case by case basis.  Should complaint issues arise on an ongoing basis, charges incurred by the Village to bring a property into compliance may be charged to the property owner and collected as taxes.

Enforcement proceedings vary, however, most are completed within a month of the initial complaint.  Some issues we receive are considered as a civil matter between the two property owners such as trees overgrowing property lines or fence disputes.

Bylaw complaints may be submitted in writing using the Bylaw Complaint Form ; in person at the Village office at 702 4th Street; by email to; or by phone at 250-499-2711.  To make a complaint, the following information is required: 

1) Name, address & phone number of complainant; and

2) Location of the property and/or description of the issue.  

After a complaint is submitted, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer may wish to call and confirm information, or ask further questions regarding the issue.

Complainant information is considered confidential and will not be released to the person whose property is under complaint unless an order has been made by the BC Freedom of Information Commissioner or where necessary in a court of law.