2022 Municipal Elections

Municipal elections will be held in October, 2022. Click MORE INFO to the right...

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Council Contact

The Village responds to numerous service requests, complaints and inquiries from the public on a weekly basis.  Most are resolved satisfactorily by Village staff.

General inquiries and requests can be forwarded to info@keremeos.ca

Write to:

Mayor and Council
PO Box 160
Keremeos, B.C. V0X 1N0
Phone: (250) 499-2711
Email: mayorandcouncil@keremeos.ca


Mayor Manfred Bauer
Email: mayor@keremeos.ca
Phone: (250) 499-6505


Councillor Jeremy Evans
Email: jevans@keremeos.ca 
Phone: (250) 499-8972 

Councillor Arden Holley
Email: aholley@keremeos.ca
Phone: (250) 499-9035

Councillor Sherry Philpott-Adhikary
Email: sherry@keremeos.ca 
Phone: (250) 499-2690

Councillor Jason Wiebe
Email: jwiebe@keremeos.ca
Phone: (250) 499-1414