Keremeos is a FireSmart Community!

FireSmart is a program to support wildfire preparedness, prevention and mitigation in BC. The program provides excellent tools to help property owners prepare themselves, their pets and their properties for wildfire.

FireSmart your property before the risk of wildfire.


Did you know....

Many people think wildfire spread is only along the ground and from treetop to treetop. In fact, much of wildfire spread is from "spotting" caused by burning embers being carried on the wind and then dropping to the ground. Most house fires from wildfire are caused by these embers that can travel up to 17 kilometres on the wind!

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The FireSmart website has easy-to-follow tips for assessing and mitigating the risks around your property:


The Village of Keremeos has developed a FireSmart demonstration garden at the municipal hall. In 2020, the Village removed all flammable plants from the grounds and replaced them with 12 kinds of FireSmart plants.