Notification System Signup

Keremeos' Resident Notification System

In an emergency such as flooding, wildfire or a noxious gas leak, emergency officials do their very best to communicate with residents quickly, but message fan-outs and door-knocks can take precious time and resources. In the first hours, only the most at-risk may be contacted, while others may not be aware of the local emergency, or anxiously searching for direction. Residents with impaired mobility, sight or hearing may feel more vulnerable as they await news.

So, how would we warn you? The Village of Keremeos has recently subscribed to a Resident Notification System that will allow us to simultaneously text, email and voice message all residents in the community, alerting citizens to an imminent threat at the earliest possible time, and then echoing up-to-the-minute instructions from emergency responders.

In order to notify residents through the system, we need to collect information:

  • resident sign-up takes under 2 minutes on the Village website...follow the link below, or
  • print the handwritten sign-up form at the link below and submit it to the Village office, or
  • phone the Village Office and staff will enter your contact information

We urge all residents within Keremeos to sign up for the notifications!


Link to Handwritten Sign-up Form

Link to Printable Instruction Page Below

Residents who are currently subscribed to receive the Village news updates via email should sign up through the new system to receive emergency notifications as well, and tick the “Also wish to receive Keremeos news to my email” box to continue receiving news emails.

For those who have yet to sign up for the Keremeos news, we recommend it! The kinds of things the Village sends news emails about:

  • Found dogs, bikes, and other items
  • Notices on fire bans, water restrictions
  • Council and Public Hearing agendas
  • Public open houses and opportunities to voice your opinion
  • Planned road closures and other public works
  • Information on new programs, offers and services

Subscribers to the Keremeos news can expect about one or two news emails weekly

The notification system has more uses than keeping residents informed in a major emergency….

Subscribers will also receive neighbourhood safety warnings through the system. Using the mapping feature shown below, the Village can warn of local hazards, such as:

  • a broken water main
  • dangerous wildlife frequenting a residential area
  • road failures and closures

The system enables Village staff to simply draw around a geographic area on the map, and then simultaneously message all residents in the area within minutes.

Help us keep the emergency contact numbers up to date!

Go to the Notification System page at and click on “Already registered? at the top of the sign-up form. The link will walk you through how to update your information. If you prefer, the Village Office staff would be pleased to update your information.

Please spread the word, and urge newcomers to Keremeos to sign up for the notification system!

Are you ready?

The notification system is not a substitute for developing your own emergency plans and support systems.  It is recommended that every resident be prepared to be without power, water and possibly other services for 72 hours.  For tips on preparing yourself for an emergency, go to