Planning & Development

The Village's Planning & Development Department acts in the public interest to prepare plans and policies to guide development, balancing the needs of the community with economic, social and environmental considerations to protect the unique character of our community and quality of life for existing and future generations.

Current Applications

File No. Type Applicant Address Purpose Documents
Z-2021-04     OCP & Zoning Bylaw Amendments    Manav Gupta   1007 Sparks Drive    To allow for the development of 4 townhouses

Application Form

Site Plan

Draft OCP Amendment Bylaw 850-04

Draft Zoning Amendment Bylaw 851-04

Council Report (1st & 2nd Reading)

Public Hearing Notice

3rd Reading Report

Feedback Form

TUP-2021-02 Temporary Use Permit Encorp Pacific (Canada) 724 & 726 7th Avenue To allow for a “recycled materials depot”

Application Form


Site Plan

Draft TUP No. 2021-01

Council Report

Feedback Form

The principal functions of the Planning & Development Department are:

  • to prepare land use plans and policies for consideration by Village Council;
  • to serve the community by responding to a wide range of inquiries and applications related to the use and development of land;
  • to administer Village land use bylaws, standards and policies;
  • to facilitate citizen participation in the land use process; and
  • to act as a resource to Village Council on planning and development matters.


Land Use Procedures Bylaw No. 819

Defines the procedures for applying for an OCP/Zoning Bylaw Amendment, Development Permit (DP), Development Variance Permit (DVP), Watercourse Development Permit (WDP) or Temporary Use Permit (TUP).  A copy of this Bylaw can be found by clicking here.


Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion Application

An application for exclusion of lands from the ALR must be submitted to the local government prior to being forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission. For more information, visit the Agricultural Land Commission's website by following the link below.

Agricultural Land Commission Website


Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 850

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a statement of objectives and policies to guide planning and land use decisions within the Village. An OCP is a statement of policy and does not regulate the use of private property; that is the role regulatory bylaws such as the Zoning Bylaw play.  A copy of this Bylaw can be found by clicking here.


Official Community Plan Future Land Use Map

Outlines future desired patterns of land use in the Village.  A copy of this map can be found by clicking here.


Zoning Bylaw No. 851

Specifies allowable uses by zones as well as regulating densities, setback requirements, maximum height and size of structures, off-street parking and loading requirements, home occupation regulations and provisions for permitting "secondary suites" and "carriage houses" on certain zoned properties.  A copy of this Bylaw can be found by clicking here.


Zoning Map

Outlines current zoning designations for property in the Village.  A copy of this map can be found by clicking here.


Applicable fees and charges for Planning & Development services are highlighted in 'Schedule 1' of the Village's Fees & Charges Bylaw No. 795, which can be found by clicking here.