2018-19 Skating Rink Schedule Now Available

The 2018-19 Skating Rink Schedule is now available and can be found by clicking on the link below

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Curbside Garbage Collection Caution for the Winter

Dec 12 2018
By: Keremeos Admin
Categories: News

The Village would like to caution residents that winter can affect when trucks collect garbage and recycling at their property.  Residents should have their materials to the curb by Friday at 7 AM to ensure collection.


In the winter time, trucks can often drive faster as they no longer collect yard waste.  There is also less garbage out as many of the local snowbirds have moved to their winter homes.  This can allow the trucks to finish their toute much earlier than usual.  Residents should place out materials earlier than ususal to esnure they are not missed.


Conversely, winter roads can delay the collection of materials.  Large garbage trucks cannot travel where cars and trucks can go and unstable loads in the back of a garbage truck can cause it to flip if the vehicle slips.  Collection of garbage takes a back seat to the health and safety of workers and residents.


If there is a missed collection due to slick roads, residents should contact Waste Connections of Canada at 250-490-3888 or toll free at 1-866-998-4888 for information and bring any missed materials back inside to ensure animals don't get into it.  Please be sure to specify your property is located within the Village of Keremeos as this may impact any possible solutions offered.

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Please Conserve Natural Gas Use This Winter

Nov 7 2018
By: Keremeos Admin
Categories: News

Keremeos residents may be aware of the recent Enbridge natural gas transmission pipeline incident north of Prince George and the impact to the natural gas supply system for FortisBC.  Until their transmission pipeline is operating at full capacity, FortisBC’s natural gas system will be challenged in times of high demand this winter and they are reaching out to encourage all customers to help by reducing non-essential natural gas use.

The Village of Keremeos is doing our part by turning down the heat in public buildings, and asks that residents consider reducing natural gas use as well. FortisBC has compiled a number of helpful suggestions at this link:


For more information, please call FortisBC’s customer contact centre: 1-888-224-2710

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