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Building Permit & Inspections

The Village has a contract with the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen for the provision of Building Inspection services. Inspectors are in the Village Office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:45 am to 12:30 pm. Please contact the Village Office to arrange for an appointment or to request an on-site inspection.

Application for Building Permits can be made at the Village Office. Depending on the complexity of the application, initial plan checking takes approximately two weeks for a single family dwelling and four weeks for commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings.

Building Permits are required for:

  • the design and construction of a new building
  • the change in occupancy of any building
  • an alteration of any building, structural or non-structural
  • an addition to any building
  • the demolition of any building
  • the reconstruction of any building, or portion thereof, that has been damaged
  • the correction of an unsafe condition in or about any building
  • all parts of any building affected by a change in occupancy
  • the alteration, rehabilitation and change of occupancy of heritage buildings
  • construction or alterations of all accessory buildings 10 m2 (108 square feet) and larger
  • placement of buildings and structures
  • construction of retaining walls greater than 1.5 m in height
  • construction of swimming pools
  • installation of building canopies, marquees and awnings (only if supported by columns and footings)
  • installation of solid fuel burning appliances and chimneys
  • installation of commercial cooking equipment
  • patios greater than 2 feet from finished grade

Permit fees vary according to the cost of development.


After a building permit is issued several site inspections are required prior to final approval and the issuance of an occupancy permit.

Approved Plans are required on-site for all inspections. Civic address must be posted at the site.

Every owner shall give at least twenty-four (24) hours notice to staff when requesting an inspection. Building Official's acceptance of the above noted work is required prior to concealing it. When a Registered Professional provides letters of assurance on a project, field reviews shall be on-site for the Building Official at time of inspection.

Building Bylaw

Building Permit Application with Agent Forms

Building Permit Application Package

Building Permit Requirements

Climatic Data

Seismic Information


Application for Demolition Permits

In order to authorize the demolition or removal of buildings or structures, property owners must first apply for and obtain an approved Demolition Permit from the Village of Keremeos. 


A Demolition Permit application costs $80 and requires that a recent State of Title Certificate be enclosed with the application (which the Village can complete at an additional charge of $11).  The owner must also pass an inspection of the demolition site by the Building Inspector.


Demolition Permit Application


Please be advised that Demolition Permit applications must also be accompanied by and remain in compliance with an approved waste disposal plan authorized by the Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen.  Applicants must also apply for an RDOS Waste Disposal Application for Demolition & Renovation Waste in order for their Demolition Permit with the Village of Keremeos to be approved.


RDOS Waste Disposal Application for Demolition & Renovation Waste


For information on the RDOS Waste Disposal Application, please visit the RDOS Public Works Solid Waste Demolition, Renovation & Construction Waste Information page or phone (250) 490-4144.


To view a flowchart of the required steps of a demolition process, please click here.  A comprehensive breakdown of all the required steps within the demolition process can also be found by clicking here.