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Janitorial services sought

Sep 11 2020

The Village of Keremeos is seeking twice per month janitorial services for the municipal office, and ad hoc cleaning for two other municipal sites.

  • Municipal office is at 702-4th Street, Keremeos: 5 single washrooms, one kitchen and approximately 1500 sf of common space; no private offices.
  • Ad hoc cleaning at Victory Hall 427-7th Avenue, Keremeos after an event: 3 washrooms, one kitchen and variable open bare floor space 1000 to 3000 sf
  • Ad hoc cleaning at Community Kitchen after an event 417-7th Avenue, Keremeos: one kitchen with grill approx 100 sf

Please email describing experience and desired hourly rate. List equipment that will be supplied and state whether staff are bonded.

Review cleaning specifications here