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May, 2020 Archives

Household wastewater reduction still required

May 28 2020
By: Keremeos Admin

The wastewater treatment plant continues to run beyond it's capacity. The current warm weather and forecast for rain has therefore made it necessary to extend the Village's request to reduce household wastewater drainage into the sanitary sewer system. 

It may be necessary to install an accessory pump and lay pump hoses across Veteran's Avenue in upcoming days, so Veterans Avenue eastbound at 8th Street may close without notice. The Dog Park will remain open for now, but may not have vehicle access.

We thank residents for their has made a difference! We will contact residents again when the high risk period for the treatment plant has ended.

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Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants

May 21 2020
By: Keremeos Admin

The Community Foundation of South Okanagan Similkameen is still accepting applications for their Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants (R-NSG). This is a new grant stream created to support small scale community projects from across the province that comply to the new social/physical distancing guidelines in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The purpose of R-NSG is to support creative projects by individuals that

  • build community strength and resilience                                                          
  • foster community creativity and well being, and
  • alleviate social isolation

The grants range from $50 to $500. More information is available here

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UPDATE: Household wastewater restrictions continue

May 20 2020
By: Keremeos Admin


Residents have done a great job of reducing flows to the wastewater treatment plant. Reduced household drainage had an immediate impact. Please continue your efforts!

Unfortunately, the groundwater has continued to rise each day. This means we will have to install bypass pumping equipment to the plant. Residents will notice increased activity and security in the Veterans and 8th Street area, and it may be necessary to close some roads near the plant in the upcoming weeks.


The combination of rapidly rising groundwater due to the spring thaw and normal household waste water drainage has pushed the Village's sewer treatment plant beyond capacity. It is currently at high risk of failing unless sanitary sewer system inflows are reduced immediately.

We cannot control the groundwater infiltration but we can work together as a community to reduce flow from households.

Effective immediately, we are urging residents to take all possible measures to reduce household wastewater drainage. Here are the suggested measures:

  • flush toilets only when necessary
  • take brief showers instead of baths if possible, and don't leave water running when not needed
  • when washing dishes by hand, don't leave the tap running
  • only run dishwashers on quick cycles when full
  • run washers on low water settings where possible
  • water gardens by hand
  • if you experience crawlspace flooding, pump into storm sewer if possible

It is expected that water will rise for the next few days then start to recede within the next week or two. 

Water conservation measures are good for the environment so you may choose to continue some of these practices, however, we will contact residents again when the high risk period for the treatment plant has ended.

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May 19, 2020 Regular Council Meeting

May 15 2020
By: Keremeos Admin

A Regular Meeting of Council will take place Tuesday, May 19, 2020, beginning at 4:30 pm in the Council Chambers, 702-4th Street, Keremeos.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, Council meetings will not be open to the public.

To view the Regular Council Agenda click here.

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