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Staying cool during the heat wave

Jul 26 2022
By: Keremeos Admin
Categories: News

As the province experiences a stretch of hot weather, here are some reminders about how to stay safe:

  • Review Interior Health's tips for staying cool and keeping well during hot weather
  • Visit cool places during the hottest time of day in your home. In Keremeos, residents may wish to visit the Rec Centre, the Library, the Seniors Centre, the outdoor pool, the kids (and grown ups') splash area in Memorial Park, or try tubing in the Similkameen River. Residents are welcome to bring a book and rest in the the air-conditioned Council Chambers at the municipal office, 8:30-4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Because no residents visited several local cooling centres in Keremeos during the "heat dome" in 2021, we are not planning to open a separate cooling centre at this time. We are very interested in hearing about any confirmed need for a cooling centre, though, and are ready to open a large centre on short notice. 

Please contact the Village Office by emailing cao@keremeos.ca should you be aware of an unmet need for a cooling centre in the community, and check in on the more vulnerable members of our community to ensure they're ok during this heat wave.

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