How to contact Mayor and Councillors

Nov 8 2022

Keremeos Mayor and Councillors have taken their Oaths of Office and commenced the 2022-2026 term! Your Council is made up of:

  • Mayor Jason Wiebe
  • Councillor Jeremy Evans
  • Councillor Arden Holley
  • Councillor Tracy Henderson, and
  • Councillor Garry Elliott

The Council wishes to continue hearing from residents and business owners with ideas and issues of concern. There are several ways to reach them:

  • By email, letter or phone
  • Attend a Coffee with the Mayor
  • Attend a Business Roundtable meeting
  • Attend a Council meeting. Questions and comments regarding the agenda will be heard before Council votes on agenda items.

For more information and schedules for all meetings, visit the Keremeos website page on how to contact the Mayor and Councillors