Public Hearing and Regular Council Meeting Jun 6 at 6pm

Jun 3 2022

Village of Keremeos Council will hold a Public Hearing followed by a Regular Council Meeting on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 6:00pm at Victory Hall, 427-7th Avenue, Keremeos. As of the next Council meeting on June 20, 2022, Regular Council meetings will return to the Council Chambers at 702-4th Street, Keremeos.

For those interested in the Public Hearing (a continuation of the May 2, 2022 Public Hearing), the hearing is being reconvened to propose withdrawal the application (exclusion from the ALR of various parcels in southwest Keremeos). The hearing will not include discussion of the item, just the withdrawal of the application.

Review the Public Hearing Agenda

Review the Regular Council Meeting Agenda